Supporter of the Month: Nick Colinear


Our supporter of the month initiative is an opportunity to thank the special people who have shown incredible commitment to LIVESTRONG. It also serves as a chance to introduce LIVESTRONG staff, interns, clients and community to the powerful stories behind some of our biggest supporters.

September Supporter of the Month: Nick Colinear

Background: Nick lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife, Janine and their three children: Kenzie, Nic and Nolan. Nick became involved with LIVESTRONG in 2011, and recently became a part of our Sustaining Donor program in May of 2016. Our Sustaining Donor program allows people to give on a monthly, recurring basis which provides ongoing and life-changing services to people and families affected by cancer. As a cancer survivor, Nick understands the vital work LIVESTRONG does within the cancer community and we are so grateful to have a donor like him to recognize for this month’s supporter!
colinear family

LS: How did you become involved with LIVESTRONG?
Nick: I originally became involved with LIVESTRONG as a small donor based on interests in supporting people with cancer…my athletic background and interests lead me to LIVESTRONG as a meaningful Foundation to support. However, in January of 2011 the reasoning became much more personal. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer (stage 2) and my life as a survivor began.

LS: What is your occupation?
Nick: I am a recruitment leader for a Global Technology company. I work for Cisco as a Recruitment Manager for the University Recruiting organization within Human Resources and Talent Acquisition.

LS: What do you like to do in your free time?
Nick: I enjoy running, exercising, skiing, golfing, but most importantly… spending time with my family.

LS: Can you tell us a bit about your family?
Nick: My wife, Janine and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary last month (August), we have three wonderful children, Kenzie (age 16), Nic (age 14), and Nolan (age 12) and a giant but friendly Golden-Doodle named Cas. Janine works in the Healthcare field as a SVP of Finance and has not only been an inspiration to me, but also our children… she has mastered the role of a loving, caring mother and spouse, all while balancing the challenges of her demanding career. Our children live very active lives and enjoy everything from camping, skiing, dance, sports and theater. We enjoy traveling as a family…whether it’s a trip to the beach, a ski vacation, or a walk down Broadway…we enjoy our time together and don’t take any moment for granted! Kenzie is starting her junior year in high school, she loves to dance and is beginning to explore options for her college education. Nic is a freshman in high school and spends most of his non-academic time at the ice rink enjoying his passion for hockey. Nolan is in 7th grade and enjoys playing soccer and hockey.

colinear family 2

LS: Why is it important to you to give back?
Nick: I received valuable information and support from individuals when I was most in need and truly believe I should return that power to others in need. Whether it is by volunteering time, giving donations or simply listening to those that may be facing a struggle…it is important to me to give back.

LS: Do you give or volunteer your time in honor of anyone in particular?
Nick: As a survivor, I give my time and donations not only to honor those that helped me, but also to help the 14+ million other survivors in this world fight their fight and be rewarded with the opportunity to do the same and LIVE their life to the fullest.

LS: What is your connection to cancer?
Nick: As previously mentioned, I am a survivor… my LIVESTRONG Day is January 16, 2011.

LS: In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of LIVESTRONG’s work?
Nick: To provide knowledge, hope and power to those that find themselves in a fight for their life…the support programs put in place by LIVESTRONG empower individuals and families battling cancer.

LS/Nick: Finish this sentence: To me, LIVESTRONG means… “Confronting the things that scare you the most… empowering yourself and others to confront these issues with strength and knowledge. Realizing that how we LIVE our lives with or without cancer, and the impressions we leave with our words and actions, truly impacts others. The goal is not only to LIVESTRONG, but to also BESTRONG, STAYSTRONG and LEADSTRONG for those that need you most!”

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