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At LIVESTRONG, we focus on three important areas: serving individuals, building communities and changing systems. Throughout the month of August we will be sharing real stories from people who have been helped in these areas by LIVESTRONG.


You’ll hear from Wendy, who faced a cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment that would mean she might lose her ability to have children.

You’ll hear from Michelle, a young mom of two, whose treatment for breast cancer meant she lost her energy and physical strength to do everyday tasks.

And you’ll hear from Scott, a testicular cancer survivor and caregiver who is now using his experience to fight for a truly patient-focused approach in the future of cancer care.

These stories, and many more, are possible because of you, but the fight is far from over.

Over 3.5 million people have been served through LIVESTRONG, with many more expected to need help as cancer survivorship will grow 37% over the next decade.

We need your help today to ensure that we can continue offering free programs and services to cancer survivors and their loved ones.

Please make a donation toward our $15,000 goal and know that your gift will make a life-changing impact for cancer survivors.

Thank you for your continued support.

Greg D. Lee, CPA

Your support changes lives. Help LIVESTRONG reach our $15,000 goal today!


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