Greg Smith: Ninja Warrior / Cancer Warrior


You might recognize Greg Smith from NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. It turns out he is also a cancer warrior! We caught up with Greg to hear his story.

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LS: Great to catch up with you Greg. Can you tell us a little about your cancer story?

Greg: I was diagnosed with stage 2a testicular cancer at the age of 21. When I was going through my battle my parents and I got the LIVESTRONG Guidebook, Planner, and Journal. They were super helpful. It so much useful information for what I was about to go through and definitely prepared me for the road ahead of me.

LS: I noticed you proudly wear a LIVESTRONG wristband and many have said that it’s more than just a wristband … what does wearing it mean to you?

Greg: It has become a part of me. You will never see me without it on my wrist. It is who I am, I Live Strong every day and I hope to inspire people to do the same.

Can’t believe two days from today a year ago I had my surgery #tbt #kickedcancersass

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LS: What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?

Greg: LIVESTRONG to me means to Live Strong, many people get faced with a tough obstacle in life from cancer to just trying to pass a test. Having my band on my wrist reminded me every day to go out there and be strong, to conquer any of my fears, to not let anything not matter the size of the obstacle stand in my way. In a way I am grateful for this experience because it taught me to live every day to the fullest and to always stay strong in anything I do.

LS: Why did you decide to compete in American Ninja Warrior?

Greg: I wanted to continually challenge myself with new things. Ninja Warrior was such a different sport and it really pushed my body to limits that I didn’t think were possible. I also wanted to keep showing people that nothing not even cancer can hold you back. Put your mind to something and just go for it and fight everyday till you achieve your goal. I started American Ninja Warrior only being able to do one pull up and could barely do anything. But with my training partner we kept at it together and worked our way all the way to being ninjas.

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LS: What was your favorite moment of the experience in your rookie year competing?

Greg: I’d have to say just being able to compete with my best friend and roommate from college. Without him and other friends and family my road to beating cancer would have been a much more difficult one. So being able to train and compete right by his side meant so much to me.

LS: Share one piece of advice you would give someone affected by cancer?

Greg: Whenever someone asks me this question I always give the same answer. Laugh! Every day find lots of time to laugh and enjoy life no matter how hard it is. Every day I made sure that I was going to have a good time, crack jokes, and laugh. It was a crucial part to my journey and my recovery.

LS: Your story is so inspirational, what do you hope people take away after hearing your journey of where you have been and where you are today?

Greg: I hope they can go out there and conquer the obstacles in their lives that may seem too big. I hope it gives them the courage to go and just do it and have fun while doing it.

Got that survivor tag from my momma! ? #livestrong #almost2years #survivor

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LS: What are your future plans, will you still continue to be America’s next Ninja Warrior?

Greg: Yes I will definitely being continuing my American Ninja Warrior dream. I just became an American Ninja Warrior trainer at a nearby gym where I am building the whole Ninja gym and helping kids and adult live their dreams. I will also be competing in the NNL (Nation Ninja League) which I believe starts up in August again.

Thanks for inspiring us Greg! We look forward to following your American Ninja Warrior progress. LIVESTRONG!


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    You’re an inspiration! I enjoyed reading your story.

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