Nothing Can Prepare You For Cancer



Last year, cancer stole the most important person in my life, my wife, Judy.

She had multiple myeloma, cancer of her blood plasma. Her early response to treatment was promising, but the disease ravaged her body. Less than three months from her diagnosis, cancer killed the smartest, funniest, most beautiful and caring woman I know. She was 49. Our four kids and I miss her fiercely. She is always on my mind and in my heart.

One constant that helped us through this painful time was my connection to LIVESTRONG, a relationship that began a decade earlier with my own cancer diagnosis. LIVESTRONG Navigation provided emotional support through my wife?s treatment and passing. LIVESTRONG?s services, staff and global community lifted my family up.

Once you reach out to LIVESTRONG, you become part of a bigger family. I?ve met many cancer survivors who empower me and give me hope. LIVESTRONG surrounds me with friends who prove every day that they care about me, my family, and all whose lives cancer changes forever. LIVESTRONG makes me go farther, push harder, be bolder, think bigger ? from completing scottjoyTeam LIVESTRONG endurance athletic events to coping with unbearable loss to helping fellow survivors.

I hope for healing as good memories prevail. I hope to see my children benefit from rapid progress in how we prevent and treat cancer and support people who face it. I hope we?re in this cause together, acting with confidence for as long as it takes.

My life is brighter because of LIVESTRONG.

Thank you for fighting with me and for the people we love.

Scott, 50, eleven-year cancer survivor

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