Making Cancer a National Priority


Livestrong_OVAC_396_Resized.jpgLast month, advocates of The LIVESTRONG Foundation met with members of Congress to voice the pertinent issues facing cancer patients today. Elected officials heard the concerns of One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC) leaders in D.C. about funding for cancer research and prevention. Senators and Representatives have now returned to their districts while Congress is in recess until September 8. You can help advance the efforts made by our advocates by reaching out in your hometown to deliver the message that cancer must be made a national priority.

Your story is important?when you share your personal experience with your elected officials, you have the power to illustrate how decisions made by Congress on a daily basis have an impact on real people. Whether through social media, an email, a phone call, or an in-person meeting, the delivery of this information is vital. Hear how one LIVESTRONG advocate has worked to build strong relationships with her elected officials.

Download this guide to help your outreach with members of Congress.

Together, let us continue to commit ourselves to cancer advocacy. We?re in this fight together, and we?re grateful for your continued support. For more information about LIVESTRONG Leaders and cancer advocacy, please visit our Take Action page.

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