Navigating Financial Roadblocks with LIVESTRONG


Hello everyone,

FRMy name is Faviola Ramirez and I am a LIVESTRONG Navigator. As a Navigator, I try to identify the needs of anyone affected by cancer and provide them with the best resources available. A client can contact us in person, online or over the phone for free counseling and assistance in a variety of areas, including emotional support, fertility preservation, health and wellness programs, financial counseling, clinical trial matching and health literacy.

Though all of these areas are very important to address, financial and insurance issues seem to be the most common. When someone is struggling with a cancer diagnosis or caring for a loved one, they shouldn?t have to worry about financial burdens. That is where we come in.

We work hand in hand with our partners at the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) to assist with issues such as insurance appeal or denial, co-payment for medication, transportation expenses, debt management support, household expenses and lack of insurance.

Typically, when someone gives us a call and has a specific need, for example, questions regarding insurance, I submit a referral to PAF, work with them to outline what resources we have available and introduce them to the ?we can help? section of our website. Our website provides helpful, easily accessible information regarding common financial concerns. They can find information specific to their concerns as well as possible questions they may want to ask once they speak to our partners at PAF.


During treatment, cancer survivors may have to work less or stop working altogether, which may make it even more difficult to manage medical expenses. PAF provides debt management support, helping survivors organize their income and expenses and get a better understanding of their situation and how to manage for the time being. Furthermore, the LIVESTRONG Guidebook is a great resource to help cancer survivors get organized financially.

Managing finances can be a burden to many and cause stress to their already overwhelming lives. I believe that if we are able to provide any amount of support, it will make the lives of cancer survivors and their families a great deal easier. Please give us a call at 1-877-220-7777, we look forward to helping you the best we can.



  1. Patricia Stone says:

    I am needing to find some assistance for my parents. They are on Medicare and have a very limited income. They are able to take care of their own expenses, but need assistance for family members who are transporting them to and from appointments. Is there any assistance available for gas cost? My father has recently been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer and is doing chemo.

    1. LIVESTRONG Staff says:

      Patricia – please contact us. We’d like to see how we can help your parents. 1-855-220-7777

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