Who Do You Ride For?


by Jeff Mulder

Today was supposed to be my “day off” from biking. I’ve been riding hard for 6 days in a row. One of these rides included my personal best 45 miles – alone. I knew when I was out yesterday that I had to take a day off. My legs were just shot. They hurt on a flat road going with the wind.

Last night a Facebook conversation with a LIVESTRONG friend changed this plan. He’d just found out that his mentor of over 2 decades, Bobby, is running out of time. He shared a lot with me about what this mentor has meant to him over the years. At times they have even been competitors but always remained friends.

bobbySo this morning I got up and road with/for Bobby. It was 50 degrees here in Northern Michigan and raining. The route I chose had just under 2,000 feet of climbing. With shot legs, today ended up being one of my slowest of the year. Even going down hill was slow as my rain gear acted like a parachute. I thought of calling my wife to come get me a dozen times. I also thought how much easier this ride would be after a couple rest days. But then I thought of Bobby, the fact that no one on earth can rescue him, and that he cannot take a day off fighting his cancer to recover.

When I told my friend that I would do a flag for Bobby right away he messaged back, “You Rock!” But the way I see it, all I do is ride my bike with a flag behind it. My friend “Rocks” because he is fast-tracking plans to go visit his mentor in the next 24 hours. Bobby “Rocks” because he has not only influenced an entire career of my friend, but he got a stranger to ride in the rain today with a little more water on his cheeks than what came from the sky. Peace be with you, Bobby. You Rock.

We’re honored to have thousands of people like Jeff providing much-needed support for our mission to help people with cancer, right now. Learn how you can get involved at livestrong.org/take-action.

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