Big C Competition Mentors: Adding Value to their Projects


One of the big benefits to being a semi-finalist in the Big C Competition is the opportunity to have a cancer survivor mentor assigned to each project. These volunteers will help guide the project as they move forward, hopefully into one of the 20 virtual accelerator teams, and ultimately one of the 5 finalists. We recently received this great correspondence noting how important this mentorship is to one of the teams, Transplant Concierge:

This has been a very exciting week for Transplant Concierge!  After getting over the initial excitement of making to the semi-finals, it was time to get to work this week.  

After reaching out to my mentor, Kristen, I received an introductory email from her that made me even more honored to be in the semi-finals.  Kristen and I have a lot in common – we’re both attorneys and we’ve both had to relocate for cancer treatments.  Kristen understands exactly why Transplant Concierge will be an important tool to help cancer patients and their caregivers.  Our first call was very productive with Kristen, who works for a cancer funding organization, providing many helpful suggestions and great advice.  I can’t thank the judges enough for such a perfect pairing – Thank you!

Sincerely, LeeAnn Modestino
Founder, Transplant Concierge


Transplant Concierge provides relocation services for patients and caregivers needing to temporarily relocate for cancer care.

?You have cancer? – three scary words that have motivated us for this competition. For some cancer patients, and their caregivers, those words are made scarier by the fact that life saving treatment is only available at a far away facility in an unknown city. How will we find somewhere to live? Will the neighborhood be safe? How will we thrive and get healthy with so much chaos and unknown? These are just some of the questions that shouldn’t need to enter a family’s scope of worry when the health of the patient needs to be the focus.

Medical advances allow more cancer patients than ever the chance to receive life saving medical treatments, such as stem cell transplants. When life may literally depend on relocating for treatment, finding suitable housing adds stress to already stressful conditions. Transplant Concierge addresses barriers to receiving life saving oncology treatment by providing professional relocation services.

Transplant Concierge will provide patients services to secure a comfortable home-away-from-home so that patients and caregivers can focus on why they’re there. Most hospitals have some form of assistance for helping patients find housing. However, the process can be complex, time consuming and stressful. Additionally, often what is available is shared facility type housing, which is not always ideal due to medial issues and/or lifestyle.

lmFounder, LeeAnn Modestino, has had hands on experience with this exact dilemma, twice. When in her twenties and needing emergency chemotherapy and radiation near Sloan Kettering, she relied on friends and family offering up spare rooms. Many years later, LeeAnn’s mother needed to temporarily relocate from Florida to Manhattan for a life saving stem cell transplant. Despite her family knowing the city and having resources to afford it, finding suitable housing for her father while her mom was in the hospital was a challenge. Trying to shield her parents from some of the finding housing stress, and seeing that many families were in far worse scenarios, inspired the start of Transplant Concierge.

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