The Big C Competition: Bringing Entrepreneurs Together


One aspect of the Big C Competition is exposure to new markets and colleagues you wouldn?t normally encounter.  We recently got this great email set from entrants in the Boston area as they connected with each other:

ndLook at how your competition is bringing the cancer
entrepreneurship ecosystem together!!

Nick Dougherty
Co-Founder | VerbalCare

———- Forwarded message ———-
jsFrom: Jeff Sirlin
Subject: Touching Base — The Big C Competition (fellow applicant)

I came across VerbalCare’s submission for LIVESTRONG?s The Big C Competition and wanted to drop you a note. I am grateful to LIVESTRONG for running this program.

Before this competition, there was really no central point for ?cancer entrepreneurship.?  Now, I have a great opportunity and way to connect with other entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making a difference in the fight against cancer.  So, this note is my way of reaching out to others who share the same passion.

My venture is CWellness Anti-Cancer Foods and Living.  It?s still in its early stages so the concept is still evolving.  If you feel like connecting further (even grabbing some coffee since we’re both local), my contact information is below.  I wish you the best of luck with your venture!

Best regards,
Jeff Sirlin
CWellness AntiCancer Foods & Living
Twitter: @jeffsirlin



* Since this exchange, Verbalcare has gone on to the semi-final round of the Big C Competition. VerbalCare is a cloud-based subscription patient engagement platform that connects patients with their nurses. Through a tablet application stationed at their bedside, patients of all abilities effectively and accurately express their needs to the care team in real-time. In turn, nurses respond and fulfill requests more efficiently, thereby improving patient experiences and overall care quality. VerbalCare tracks previously unmonitored interactions and empowers providers to better understand and plan day-today workflow.

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