LIVESTRONG Day is an annual opportunity to unify our voices for the Foundation and amplify the importance of serving cancer patients today. This year, on May 16, we hope you?ll join us by educating your network about the life-changing work of the Foundation in the cancer community AND asking for their support in funding our survivor-focused programs and services.

This year, the success of LIVESTRONG Day is in the hands of our most important constituents?YOU!

Anyone anywhere can participate in LIVESTRONG Day on May 16.


Step 1. Mark Your Calendars

Cancer affects one out of two people around the globe. Whether you host a ?wear yellow? party at your house, put together a donation campaign via email or simply share a post about The Big C on Facebook, your contribution to LIVESTRONG will put us one step closer towards educating the public about our work.

Step 2. Remember the Goal(s)

At the LIVESTRONG Foundation, we offer our programs, resources and support free of charge to anyone affected by cancer. On LIVESTRONG Day, we are asking for your help in raising $25,000 to ensure that cancer survivors can continue to get the help they need.

Step 3: Make the Ask and Celebrate our Progress

You can make a difference by asking five friends to donate $10. Remember these important points:

  • If just five people give $10 each, their combined gift of $50 can enable us to provide two cancer survivors with the LIVESTRONG Guidebook set, which shares information and guidance on how to keep track of their cancer experience across the cancer continuum, including tips, worksheets and tools.
  • By donating today, you are helping us take a valuable step towards serving more cancer survivors and putting our resources into the hands of those that need it the most.


Once you?ve reached out to your friends, family, colleagues, business associates or neighbors, keep a close eye on our progress towards $25,000 by watching the donations numbers climb on this page.

Thank you for helping us bring the work of the Foundation and the life-changing programs and resources we offer to more people than ever before. With your help, we are confident that LIVESTRONG Day will be a great success, and we will continue to be a beacon of hope in the lives of those that need us most.



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