Seizing the Day


There?s a reason that food banks and shelters around the country statistically have more food donations during the holiday season ? people do well remembering to give when paired with specific dates and events. You can use this same tactic to ramp up your fundraising power. Read on for a few specific dates on which you should be capitalizing.

A Birthday – This is a wonderful day to make a huge push in your fundraising campaign. Chances are your friends and family want to send you love and gifts to celebrate this day. It is also quite possible that these people will spend hours trying to think of what they should give you. The answer? Ask your loved ones to donate to your entry in RAGBRAI with Team LIVESTRONG, in lieu of a traditional birthday card or gift. Even if you only ask $10 of people, that could make a pretty significant impact.


A Cancerversary ? If you are a cancer survivor, maybe it?s time to make cancer do some work! Send out fundraising emails on the anniversary of your cancer?s remission. The poignant date will help people connect their donation to the mission of helping support survivors everywhere.

Your Event ? Ramp up your asks during the month preceding your Team LIVESTRONG event. People love countdowns, just look to New Years Eve for evidence. Doing a 30 day countdown to your event and reporting your fundraising progress every day is a great way to get people excited. It also will put making a donation on the forefront of their minds!

Using any of these dates, as well as other holidays, graduations, and milestones is a great way to increase your fundraising. Sure, we all love getting gifts, but giving the gift of free cancer support services is much more rewarding.

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