Fundraising in the Office


If you work relatively traditional hours, chances are you?re going to spend about a third of your life at your workplace, alongside your coworkers. These are hopefully the people with whom you share your success and endeavors. If you?re fundraising for an event, there are lots of ways to engage this group in a fun and creative way.

office1The Traditional ? See if your company is interested in a corporate sponsorship. They might be willing to sponsor all of your fundraising in exchange for you riding or running an event outfitted in the company logo. Also see if your company does matching gifts. If they do, your company should match every single donation made by a coworker ? you will quickly double your fundraising!

The Cruise Package ? Well, not really, but maybe. See if you can get donated tickets to a sports game or maybe box seats at a concert. You can then auction off the tickets within your office. Another idea is to see if you can raffle off an extra vacation day. Ask your boss to sell $20 raffle tickets for an extra paid day of vacation, where all the proceeds go to your fundraising.

The Lazy Parade ? We?ve all arrived late to work and forgotten to eat breakfast or pack a lunch. Bring donuts, bagels, or breakfast tacos into work and sell them for $1 each! You?re sure to have several takers. Another great way to capitalize on ?office laziness? is to offer a dress down day. For $5 a person (or however much you see fit), everyone at work can wear jeans for the day. We recently had a Grassroots Fundraiser raise nearly $8000 in a day by doing this with his company!

There are so many great ways to engage your office in your fundraising campaign. Just be sure that you tell your coworkers about why you?re fundraising. Maybe you?ll be able to connect someone to the free cancer support services offered by LIVESTRONG. As long as you bring your mission to the foreground, your coworkers will most likely be willing to support you because you support them on a daily basis at work!

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