We’re honored to be hosting many of our amazing LIVESTRONG Leaders this week here in Austin! If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with your local LIVESTRONG Leaders, please email grassroots@livestrong.org – thanks…

Scott Joy (Region 2 Sr. LIVESTRONG Leader from Stratham, NH)

scott joy2Why are you a Leader?

LIVESTRONG Leaders help an awesome troupe of caring, talented people that reach people all over the globe. It’s an honor to serve among them.

Why do you/why should others participate in Team LIVESTRONG events?

In the beginning, the physical challenge after my cancer let me prove myself. It soon became as much about community, being surrounded by people who share a cause. This time, it’s about remembering my wife, stolen from my family last fall by multiple myeloma, just 3 1/2 months after her diagnosis.

What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?

You get back up. And you get back up. And you get back up. And when you can’t get back up, there’s someone there reaching out a hand to help. So you get back up. And next thing you know, you’re the one reaching out.

Brian Dowd: (Region 1 Sr. LIVESTRONG Leader, Beachwood, NJ)

Brian DowdWhy are you a Leader? 

I was greatly inspired in October 2006 at the first LIVESTRONG Summit in Austin, TX.  The work the foundation was doing at the time laid the framework to what they are doing today with Navigation services and working with partner organizations to supply the best help and support in the cancer community.  Ever since the Summit I have worked daily to help people affected by cancer.  I started off as a fundraiser and eventually expanded to outreach, education and advocacy. Being a LIVESTRONG Leader allows me to do what I love.

Why do you/why should others participate in Team LIVESTRONG events?

I have been a fundraiser and/or participant in the LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly every year since 2007.  My goal is to raise money, get family and friends involved and to challenge myself physically. I bring my family with me and make a family event out of it.  My wife, Kristy, and daughters Caroline and Annabelle always enjoy it.  It also brings together thousands of people (participants and spectators) who share my passion to help people and support the LIVESTRONG Foundation.  The time spent with the people, sharing stories and experiences and having fun time for a great cause it great.

What does LIVESTRONG mean to you? 

To me LIVESTRONG means help and support when facing cancer.  The foundation was there for me back in 2006 when I was diagnosed with early stage II seminoma testicular cancer.  I used their online resources to educate myself on all types of cancer and it enabled me to make informed decisions right before my surgery and radiation treatments.


Sherri Sauvain (Region 1 Leader, Vineland, NJ)

Sherri SauvainWhy are you a Leader?

I’m a leader to help spread the word about the services and program partners LIVESTRONG offers to help both cancer fighters and their friends and family to kill that fear and focus on healing.

Why do you/why should others participate in Team LIVESTRONG events?

I’ve fallen in love with the sheer supportive and loving spirit felt from every single person at every LIVESTRONG event.  It is a happy and contagious energy which is wonderful to bask in. Whether I was being encouraged when things got tough during my walk, or cheering riders at the finish line as a volunteer, the universal feeling was POSITIVE and undeniably HAPPY!

What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?

LIVESTRONG means the chance for someone fighting cancer to regain their dignity during treatment, to live their life, regain their identity and their sense of self in the face of Cancer.


Nick Pifani (Region 1 Leader, Delran, NJ)

nick pifaniWhy are you a Leader?

I am a Leader because I believe education and information are powerful. I remember the shock when my Mom was diagnosed and all the unanswered questions we all had.  I don’t know personally what it is like to be diagnosed with cancer, but I do know what it is like to lose a family member…. and I believe my experiences resonate well with others who have cancer. And most importantly, because a cure seems a life-time away…and today cancer survivors need real help…and that’s were Leaders come in to play.

Why do you/why should others participate in Team LIVESTRONG events?

I have run marathons, 1/2 marathons, and the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge going on almost 4 years now. These events become family events where you can walk, run, and ride together. I race competitively now, but that’s not what these events are for in my opinion. Team LIVESTRONG events build long-term friendships, they are a way to share stories and hope, grieve over those who are no longer here with us, and to foster the spirit of life and hope.

What does LIVESTRONG mean to you? 

LIVESTRONG is the organization that empowered me to honor my Mom after her 6 year battle with cancer. They helped me deal with the loss and anger….and to focus my time and strength on cancer survivorship for others.

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