A Big C Competition Profile: Kids CAN (Cancer Awareness Now)


An important aspect of The Big C Competition is the opportunity to approach this Social Innovation Challenge from multiple perspectives. In this edition, Elisabeth highlights the importance of working in the community with youth about the cancer experience.


by Elisabeth Glynn

gcGilda’s Club South Florida is a free nonprofit organization that provides social and emotional support to anyone who has been touched by cancer.  At Gilda’s Club, men, women, children and teens who are living with a cancer diagnosis, as well as their caregivers, their friends, and their families, can come get the support they need during a really challenging time. Gilda’s Club South Florida is also an affiliate of the Cancer Support Community.

At Gilda’s Club, we really try to be in-tune with the needs of our members and also the needs of the community.  While we have always had a strong, successful children’s program – called Noogieland – where children and teens with cancer, who have a loved one with cancer, or who have lost a loved one to cancer can participate in specially designed programs and workshops to help them express their feelings and make social connections, we knew that there was a need in the community.

We created Kids CAN (Cancer Awareness Now) to be a community-based program that teaches elementary school aged children through teens about cancer and also highlights Noogieland as a resource should cancer affect them in the future.

Meagan Roloff, our Program Manager (who is also a Certified Child Life Specialist) found out about The Big C Competition and we thought it would be an amazing way to highlight this new program.

Competitions such as The Big C are essential to furthering innovation.  It provides a great opportunity for organizations and/or individuals to be creative in solving problems and addressing community needs. Winning The Big C would be amazing for Gilda’s Club South Florida; the LIVESTRONG Foundation has such a strong reputation in the cancer community, and this would provide great exposure for the Kids CAN program and  help us expand it even further.


The Big C Competition seeks tangible innovations from entrepreneurs, trailblazers, technology wizzes, fashionistas, medical geeks, game changers, cancer patients and their loved ones ? anyone with an audacious piece of technology, product, service or other innovation. The only requirement is that it helps those facing cancer today. 

To make all of this happen, we need YOUR help. If you?d like to be an entry-round judge, you could review Big C entries and fill out an online scorecard for each. During a two-week period from May 16-28, entry round judging will only take 2-3 hours total of your time and can be done from any computer, anywhere.

Apply here to become an entry-round judge for the Big C Competition: http://bigc.livestrong.org/forms/entry_round_judge – thanks!

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