The Smart Approach to Social Media


The advent of social networking has changed the face of business, social interaction and idea sharing. Fundraising strategies are no exception. Social media allows fundraisers to push their cause in a completely new atmosphere; however, the web also presents the challenge of truly engaging potential donors. Here are a few helpful tips to think about when launching your fundraising campaign through social media.


–        Be engaging.
If you?re using a platform like Facebook to spread the word about your upcoming marathon, remember that most people do not explore their newsfeed with the intention of reading long, essay-style status updates. Use pictures, videos or intriguing images to get the attention of your friends. Be creative and take a note from websites like Buzzfeed; trying posting an update such as ?Top 13 Signs You?re a Cyclist.? As people scroll down your list of reasons, include something like ?#4 ? You?ve already signed up for the LIVESTRONG Austin Challenge? and include a link to join your team.

–        Figure out your goals.
Decide how you will measure the success of your social media campaign. Does starting a Facebook Group mean you want to get your current friends to donate a small amount? Or does it mean that you want them to engage their own networks by sharing your posts? Posting on Twitter is a great way to reach people, but you need to have a purpose: ask for a ?retweet,? a ?follow? or a donation. Once you establish a goal, you?ll have a better understanding of how to accomplish it.

–        Strategize, always.
Once you have people following your campaign, use your voice wisely. The last thing you want is to spam your audience to the point where they disengage. Try to find the sweet spot between keeping your network up to date with your progress and overwhelming them with asks. For example, take a picture on your morning training run, caption it with a cool quote and post it for your campaign. It will remind people of your journey without asking for donations, but it?s also something inspiring that they may in turn share with their networks.

Successfully using social media to fundraise can be tricky because everyone is constantly bombarded with content on the web. But if you follow these tips to engage and strategize, you?ll be on the right track to making the most of your mobile devices!

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