Happiness Means Giving


Lately, I?ve been surrounded by a lot of conversations in which the theme of the discussion focuses on hitting goals. This probably isn?t unlike your fundraising journey. You ask yourself, ?How am I going to hit my goal? Who will I ask for a donation? What will I tell them about my efforts?? Without a plan, you might lose confidence in achieving your goals. But if you also neglect your happiness along the way, fundraising is going to feel like a chore instead of a reward.

Ben Carson said, ?Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.?


Fundraising itself entails giving back, which is rewarding in its own right. But you should also consider what you can give to your donors?and ultimately, how you can share this happiness with them.

Here are a few tips on giving back to your donors:

  • GIVE them a choice. Some people have more time than money. Some people have skills over disposable income. Choose three friends who know you are fundraising. Offer them a choice between donating, spending time helping you or sharing a skill. Depending on what they choose, you may be able to use their extra manpower or special skills to help you generate more donations, giving each of you an extra boost of confidence and happiness.
  • GIVE them information. Your fundraising campaign should be a long story line leading up to your event. In addition to planning milestones for asks, be sure to include milestones for simply sharing information with your donors. Inform your pool of supporters on news from the LIVESTRONG Foundation, share a survivor video as inspiration on some random Monday or update your followers on how much you have raised with their help. It is important to pepper your fundraising campaign with a variety of content so potential donors don?t tune out.
  • GIVE more than one thank you. Donors are unique individuals and each might feel appreciation in different ways. Make a list of thank you tactics that feel authentic to you. Make a personal commitment to thanking EACH donor with two different approaches. Not only are you improving your chances that they will feel adequately thanked, but you are also spreading your happiness to them through every interaction.

Stay happy! 

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