Spring Forward Your Fundraising!


Spring has finally arrived! After a long, cold winter, it?s time to be out and about!  Spring can also be the perfect time to kick fundraising into gear. Sporting events provide the perfect platform to reach donors, and they can be as simple as a local baseball game or as fun and sophisticated as the Kentucky Derby.  


Here are a few helpful tips on fundraising with spring sports!

  • Baseball/soccer/lacrosse fundraising ? Going to a game? Set up shop in the tailgate area or near the front gate of the venue. As folks enter the game, pass out business cards with your fundraising webpage link, provide brochures and information on where the money is going, hold a raffle or take donations for baked goods or drinks.
  • Kentucky Derby party –  It is the 140th anniversary of this exciting event, and it?s a perfect opportunity to watch?and replicate?with friends. With miniature toy horses to use on a board, have guests place bets on which one will win, in both the real competition and the fake one.  Split the pot so that the winners can take home some pocket change, and then put the rest towards your fundraising goal.
  • March Madness – Invite friends and family to participate in the upcoming CBS March Madness basketball bracket challenge. Anyone who participates can make a donation to you and in exchange, they enter the challenge. Similar to the Kentucky Derby party, split the money raised: half for the winner and half for your fundraising goal.

Not into spring sporting events?  No problem! Grab some friends and family and throw an egg hunt or set up shop at an outdoor concert. Old-fashioned lemonade stands never get old, and they also bring in some moolah from your parched neighbors. A way to please others around you (i.e. your roommates) AND bring in the fundraising dollars is to start your spring cleaning! When you find items that you are no longer attached to?or still attached to but shouldn?t be?sell them! Host a garage sale or post on Ebay and viola! You have fundraised with your very own resources.

Remember, if you ever need any fresh ideas, the Team LIVESTRONG Ambassadors are always around to help. We?re only an email away at team.livestrong@livestrong.org. Good luck and happy spring!


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