Navigation Services, Support for Your Cancer Journey


by Guadalupe Yanez


MAT_3908My name is Guadalupe Yanez, and I am a Navigator with the LIVESTRONG Foundation. As a Navigator, I feel that it is my primary responsibility to make sure the person contacting us?be it in person, by telephone or online?understands all of the resources available, as well as the referral process. I want to make sure to communicate to our clients and their families that we are here to assist them through this difficult and very challenging time. I have the opportunity to provide resource information to hundreds of cancer survivors on a weekly basis. I came to LIVESTRONG after working many years in the health care industry and seeing how important it is to have someone personally assist with ?navigating? this complex health care system. I truly enjoy working one-on-one with each of my clients and helping people get the resources and information they need, when they need it!

When a client calls LIVESTRONG, we set up a small profile, and if the client?s needs are regarding financial resources, for example, I submit a referral to the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF). The case manager will then reach out to our client and provide them with information on resources available in their area of residence, including programs, grants and any special funding. For example, there is currently a grant available for men who are undergoing radiation treatment for prostate cancer that provides $1,000 to help cover the costs associated with treatment. Other resources will include any local, state and federal programs. In addition to assistance with financial concerns, PAF will also work with clients who have work place concerns, providing assistance with legal questions and employee rights.

PAF will also assist our clients with navigating through the new ?Marketplace? to search for a health care insurance plan, which is especially important for our clients who are uninsured. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, many states have set up enrollment centers that can assist clients with researching and selecting a new health plan, as well as speaking with a certified ?enrollment counselor? in person.   Individuals can still apply for insurance coverage during open enrollment through March 31, 2014, by visiting There is also a help center available at and a telephone number (1-800-318-2596) for additional support.  With the wealth of information and resources that PAF provides, they have been able to assist our clients with these and many other cancer-related needs.

Please feel free to share our LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Services information with friends, family or anyone affected by cancer. We provide the support needed to face a cancer journey. Visit our webpage to learn more about our services, or get one-on-one support by calling 1-855-220-7777 or by filling out our online intake form.

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