Support for Young Adults with Cancer


Young adults diagnosed with cancer encounter specific challenges while navigating a time in their lives typically reserved for building an identity, forming relationships, succeeding in school, starting a career or even a family.

There are many resources on our website that can help address the needs of young adults coping with a cancer diagnosis:

  • Young adult cancer support organizations provide an opportunity for young adults with cancer to connect, share their experiences and support each other through the treatment process and beyond. These organizations can also help young people in dealing with physical, emotional and day-to-day issues, finding college scholarships and networking with survivors and other people affected by cancer.
  • Worries about the physical and emotional effects of cancer are very real. Learn more about body image concerns and beginning or maintaing relationships during and after treatment.

cmClick here for more articles, survivor interviews, links to outside organizations and services for young adults affected by cancer. Critical Mass is a Young Adult Cancer Alliance combining non-profits, advocacy groups, clinical and research institutions, professional societies, government agencies and dedicated individuals who have a passion to improve the lives of young adults impacted by cancer. And, you canĀ visit the We Can Help page on our website for cancer support resources for people of all ages.

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