Double Your Fundraising Impact with Company Matching Gifts


The term ?Matching Gifts? might make you think of the identical, itchy, wool sweaters your grandmother made for you and your siblings growing up, but when it comes to fundraising, matching gifts are a very good thing. Also, they?re completely itch-free.

Many companies offer to match the fundraising efforts of their employees. A matching donation is a positive way to support their partners and contribute to charities across the board, in addition to providing several tax benefits. Here?s a step-by-step guide to taking advantage of that free money to make a difference in your fundraising campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.17.50 AMStep 1: Make a gift and save your tax receipt confirmation. Then fill out a Matching Gift Form to help the LIVESTRONG Foundation organize your donation.

Step 2: Contact the HR department at your workplace. This resource will put you in direct contact with your own matching gifts or Human Resources representative. Each company is unique and handles this process differently, so make sure you complete the necessary steps for your company.

Step 3: Your company will contact LIVESTRONG to confirm your donation. Once the donation is confirmed, it may take one to three months for your company to make their matching gift payable to LIVESTRONG. You can always follow up on the status of your matching gift by emailing

That?s it.  In these simple steps you can literally double the impact of your donation in the fight against cancer! Make sure to start this process early on in your fundraising so that matching gifts have time to process. The best time to make this professional ask is right now, early in the year when budgets are being decided.

Fundraising requires a lot of patience, but this is an easy way to help you reach your goal. This is one gift you won?t want to stuff in the back of a closet, trust us.

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