Fundraising with love!


Valentine?s Day is next week, and instead of giving the gift of a massage, chocolate or flowers to your valentine, why not consider spending your money on a donation in honor of a loved one? Or, consider asking your loved ones to make a donation on behalf of someone they love.


Do you receive an annual valentine from your grandparents, parents, cousins or classmates? Ask them to make a donation to your fundraising efforts in lieu of the traditional card they mail. They can even add a personal note filled with love in the donation form!

Do you send an annual valentine to friends or family members? Instead, make a donation in honor of those friends or loved ones to your fundraising account and send them an email notifying them of your love-filled donation in their honor.

Does your office encourage your staff to share notes of gratitude on Valentine?s Day? Ask your coworkers to make a small donation with their note and who they want their love-filled gift to honor.

Lastly, make sure to shower you donors with appreciation on Valentine?s Day! Show them the love and support you feel when you receive the email notification that someone has made a gift to your fundraising account.

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