Cancer Hacks: A Caregiver?s Perspective


 – by Amber Wadey

As an employee of the LIVESTRONG Foundation, I know how much great advice people have to give. I hear stories and tips constantly and have always wished I could compile them in a helpful way. As the caregiver of a melanoma survivor, I think of Cancer Hacks from another perspective. This is the information you want to find when you?re up at 2 a.m. wondering what to expect during the next round of chemo. This is the information you look for when something isn?t going the way you hoped. This is the information you want to give to others because you learned it the hard way.

When my husband was in active treatment, I did my best to keep track of appointments and rides and different providers, but I had this expectation that those providers would keep track of other things like treatment details and medications. Once we started having home nurses visit biweekly to draw blood and give shots, I started getting the same question every day: ?What medications is he on?? I was so frustrated. They all worked for the same company?don?t they know this? Finally one nurse saw my frustration, put her arm around me and said, ?Honey, it?s up to you to keep track of this. Let me help.? She scribbled his medications on the back of a pamphlet, tore off the sheet and told me to show it to anybody else who asked.


I submitted a hack about keeping track of medications with the LIVESTRONG Guidebook because that resource would?ve made the biggest difference in the world to me at that time. It?s hard to come to the realization that it?s up to you, and Cancer Hacks brings together our entire community of survivors and professionals to share tips and tricks that just might make your experience a little bit better. What can you contribute?

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