LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation: Year in Review


While our heads are up and our eyes are firmly fixed on moving forward here at the LIVESTRONG Foundation, I think it’s also important at times to look back and take stock in what we’ve accomplished as well. We do so much here and I’m proud to be able to share these exciting statistics from our LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation team for 2013.


Year in Review:

In 2013, the top needs reported by our clients were:

  • Help with medical expenses
  • Health and wellness
  • Coping emotionally with cancer

?I was really so amazed at the way that LIVESTRONG reached out to me during my cancer crisis. I was contacted 2 days after submitting my application. The follow up by all the team members was phenomenal.?

– Last year LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation served 12,565 new clients.

  • We served nearly 2,000 of our new and existing clients in person, more than 1,300 in Austin and 597 in Chicago.
  • Since 2004, LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation has served a total of more than 90,000 cancer survivors.

– LIVESTRONG Fertility surpassed its goal for 2013; approving 859 cancer survivors and providing $3.7 million in savings for cancer survivors to access fertility preservation options.

“I was concerned that I wouldn?t have enough time before I started chemo to take care of it or to apply for financial assistance (my insurance didn?t cover fertility preservation), but they reassured me and made an appointment for me the very next day,” said Aaron Bramley as he recalled his experience with LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation.

– With our partners at The Patient Advocate Foundation, LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation has helped clients save $3.3 million dollars by maximizing insurance, benefit and medication programs.

?In terms of planning for survivorship, the LIVESTRONG Foundation is decades ahead of other national cancer groups. LIVESTRONG?s response time is within 1-5 days, while other groups have taken weeks or months and were no longer relevant to my needs. I will always support the LIVESTRONG Foundation, and I also use social media outlets to share my experiences and outcomes with my friends and family. From a survivor’s perspective, LIVESTRONG is the leader in providing new information that helps us live longer!?

In 2014, and in years to come, we will take a groundbreaking and entrepreneurial approach to serving patients and revolutionizing cancer care. We look forward to doing so much more in the coming year, and I want to ask you for your help. If you know anyone with cancer, please pass along this web address and phone number so they can access our free services: | 1-855-220-7777.  Thank you and here’s to a safe and prosperous new year for us all!



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