Make January Your Best Month!


If you are one of those people that planned ahead, you may have done your new year?s resolutions back in October, which means you?ve got a race on the calendar and a head start on 2014 fundraising.

Many fundraisers are nervous about fundraising after the holidays because of ?giving fatigue,? but here are some new perspectives on why January is actually the BEST month to start fundraising:


A new year means a new budget and a new plan. Many companies use January as an opportunity to evaluate their marketing plans for the year, as well as their in-kind giving options and community awareness outlets. Consider how your event participation can leverage these resources. Perhaps you need a raffle gift donated, or you?re looking for a larger donor to match the funds you raise; put together a compelling proposal and companies will take note of how you got in the door early.


blog1A new year is like a reset button. We all hold hands and start over, right? Well, sort of. Usually an individual or a household has an idea of how much they plan to ?give away? each year in charitable donations, and this year, you have the opportunity to get in early! Use January to send a newsletter-style email to all your friends and family simply announcing your plans for the year.

Depending on when your event is, you can tailor your message to include a soft ask – ?I hope you?ll look for my training and fundraising updates on FB and give before my race in March?- or a hard ask- ?With only 6 weeks left before my race, I?m asking each person to donate $6. If you can spare your coffee tomorrow, I?d be eternally grateful and will send you a picture after I cross the finish line (add your fundraising URL)?.


One of the most successful ways to fundraise is to leverage workplace giving programs. This allows a donor to give over time in more manageable increments while providing a sizeable impact for the fundraiser and the organization. Whether you set up a small contribution form yourself on a monthly basis, or expand your fundraising reach to colleagues or friends with workplace giving programs, your efforts will pay dividends. Use this helpful resource to approach your donors.

There?s no time like the present to get started! Check out our other fundraising blogs for more ideas and make January your best fundraising month all year!


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