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The LIVESTRONG Foundation
Supports Men’s Cancer Journeys in Partnership with Movember

During the month of November, thousands of men grew their own version of a moustache to raise funds for and awareness of men?s cancers and other health challenges through the global men?s health charity Movember. However, many ?Mo Bros? and ?Mo Sistas? may not know where the funds they raised are going and how their efforts and dedication to the ?stache are translating into invaluable services to millions of men affected by cancer.

The LIVESTRONG Foundation is one of two organizations chosen by Movember to benefit from the charity?s fundraising efforts in the U.S. Through the partnership, Movember funding comes to LIVESTRONG to provide free, male-specific cancer support services to assist men and their loved ones in not only navigating the daily practical challenges they face due to a cancer diagnosis, but also in dealing with their emotional and financial concerns. While a diagnosis is a life-altering moment and a reality faced by one in two men in the U.S., it is what comes after?the physical treatment and non-medical and secondary health consequences?that will impact a man?s cancer journey and survivorship.


Although women are more likely to come to mind when thinking of fertility risks when facing certain cancer treatments, men are also confronted with similar concerns when diagnosed. Certain treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy can affect a man?s ability to procreate after they complete cancer treatment. For Hodgkin lymphoma survivor Aaron, his diagnosis forced him to consider how his  cancer treatment would impact his ability to have children, as well as how to address the subject with his girlfriend of less than a year.

?We hadn?t had that conversation about wanting to have kids or not wanting to have kids yet. My cancer diagnosis forced us to talk about the future in a way that I didn?t expect it to,? Aaron says. He reached out to LIVESTRONG and, with the help of a navigator, was able to find the right option to preserve his fertility. As soon as Aaron finished his treatment, he and his girlfriend, Alison, got engaged. Aaron says, ?We are really excited about starting a family together, and I know I can do that now.?


Fertility concerns are just one of the many challenges a cancer diagnosis presents for men. For prostate cancer survivor Leon, obtaining emotional support from LIVESTRONG made a big difference in his journey.

?Sometimes, when you are going through treatment, there?s a tendency to think ?I am the only one.? LIVESTRONG made me aware that they were starting an all-men support group. We were able to educate each other and provide support to each other, to laugh together, to cry together, to grow together. I learned that things do get better. There is life after prostate cancer.?

Don?t wait!

LIVESTRONG?s free, male-specific services are offered in English and Spanish, and in-person patient navigators are available in Austin and Chicago. For more information or to start getting support, call 1-877-889-6016. Watch patient videos and find additional cancer navigation resources.

Get cancer support. We can help.

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