Fundraiser Profit Sharing at Local Eateries


One of the easiest ways to fundraise is by setting up a profit sharing system. While the word might seem daunting upon first glance, it?s really quite simple. All it takes is going in and talking to your favorite pizza place, ice cream parlor or neighborhood taco joint! Many restaurants and eateries offer profit sharing programs where you pick a night that works for the both of you, and a portion of the night?s profits are given to your charitable cause. Your fundraising efforts for Team LIVESTRONG just got a lot more fun and way more delicious!


Some businesses that offer this kind of program have an application form that you will need to fill out, while others are more informal and a discussion with the manager is all that is needed. Regardless of the process, we encourage you to be prepared for such questions as:

   1. What is your goal amount of funds to be raised by this event?

   2. How will you promote this fundraising event?

   3. What is the nonprofit organization?s federal tax ID #?

Questions #1 and #2 are up to you, but if you have to answer question #3, just contact and we will send you our W-9 and all the information you need!

And if you are looking for some ideas on how to market your event, start by telling all your friends through word of mouth, email and a Facebook event page. It?s easy to promote; people have to eat, so why not eat and make a difference in the fight against cancer at the same time? Have fun!


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