Fundraising With a Plan


All good ideas need a plan, and that includes your fundraising idea.   Most successful fundraisers that we work with take time before their fundraising campaign to sit down and put together a solid plan on how they will achieve their fundraising goal.  Think about the fundraising goal that you want to achieve and then begin to develop your plan.  Your plan may have more or less steps, but here are some key pillars to get you moving in the right direction:

Start by clearly defining your goal – I want to raise X amount of dollars?not somewhere in between this and that. I want to raise this amount. Period.

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Know who your supporters are – Make a list of everyone that you know will support your fundraising efforts.  You won?t achieve your fundraising goal without these people. They are the peanut butter to your fundraising jelly.

What will set you apart? – You have been asked to make a donation before and so have the people that you want support from.  What will make your fundraising ask different? What can you offer that nobody else can?  (Please post what has worked for you in the comments below!)

tim1Share your story – Why are you fundraising? People want to know.  Make sure to edit your fundraising page so your story is clear and concise.  Upload photos and videos to help illustrate your story as well.

Stick to what you know – What are your hobbies, interests and passions?  Incorporate these into your fundraising ideas to be more successful.

Think about what THE ASK of your closest supporters will be – Are you just looking for a donation or are you looking for supporters to help spread your fundraising message? Hopefully the answer is both!  Secure your donation from your closest supporters AND ask them to share your fundraising message with their networks. Leverage the trust they have with their networks to share your story to acquire donations.

Have Fun! – Fundraising should be fun!  Be creative and have a good time.  Cancer is very serious business, but fundraising doesn?t have to be!

Share your story – Did we mention this?  You never know who you will meet, and we all know cancer touches everyone.  Use every new introduction as an opportunity to share your fundraising story.  You?ll be surprised and inspired by the people you meet along the way.

We hope this is helpful and gets you thinking about putting together your own fundraising plan.  As always, just let us know how we can help! –

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