ASCO eCourses Address Gaps in Cancer Care


The LIVESTRONG Foundation is committed to helping cancer patients receive the best health care possible, and we are excited to join the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in a new initiative to help educate health professionals on the disparities in cancer health care through a series of continuing education courses.

In partnership with LIVESTRONG, ASCO is offering a set of FREE online courses for cancer care professionals. These courses address the causes and consequences of inequalities in cancer care for patients of varying backgrounds and provide strategies and solutions for care providers to tackle these issues. Available through ASCO University®, the series contains case studies, slide presentations and self-assessments that combine valuable perspectives from patients, health professionals and institutions.


Check out the series below:

  • Disparities in Cancer Care: Do You Know??
    This self-assessment course helps care providers recognize potential barriers to cancer care,
    learn to apply this knowledge and attain strategies for overcoming obstacles to patient
  • Disparities in Cancer Care: Take Action!
    This course discusses the factors that can affect the quality of a patient?s cancer care?
    socioeconomic status, access to care, age and obesity?and provides strategies and resources
    for health care professionals to address these challenges.
  • Cultural Competence for Oncology Practice
    This presentation covers the concept of ?cultural competence? and the challenges that may be
    faced when treating patients from diverse backgrounds, whether related to race, gender,
    religion, age, language or culture.

These courses are available for Continuing Medical Education Credit, Continuing Nursing Credit and Pharmacy Education Credit.

Visit to learn more about this educational opportunity and help us close the gaps in cancer care today.

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