New Year?s Fundraising Resolutions


As I carry on with holiday shopping, baking, wrapping and blaring holiday tunes in my car (probably ?N Sync), there?s one celebration in particular that I await:  NEW YEAR?S!  At the Foundation, we are looking forward to a fun and exciting year ahead, and with 2014 rapidly approaching, it?s great to get a head start on resolutions.  One of my resolutions is to build out a map for my fundraising.  With this handy timeline to keep me focused, it?ll be easier to avoid that fundraising slump!


Here?s a peek at my New Year?s Resolution 2014 Fundraising Calendar:

January: Birthday fundraising

Since my 24th birthday falls in January, I will be asking friends and family who would normally give me gifts, to instead donate $24 dollars to my fundraising account.

February: Super Bowl Sunday

Use the Super Bowl to your advantage and set up a game of Football Squares.

March: Start up that email campaign

Send out 40 emails to people you know and continue to remind them in the coming months.

April: Involve your co-workers

Bring or make lunch one day at the office and accept donations.

May: May I have another?

Don?t be afraid to ask those who have already contributed if they know of anyone else who would donate.

June: Water stop

It?s hard to stay cool during the summer (at least in Texas).  For June, try having water stops along a local trail that runners frequent.  Could be a nice treat for them and maybe they?ll have some spare change handy!

July: Silent auction

The thing about Silent Auctions is that they can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish, and they only require as much work as you want to put into them.  Some online sites have made silent auctions super easy. Check out Bidding For Good or Charity Buzz.

August: Back to school bake sale and donation drive

Use this opportunity to ask families to donate either $$ or school supplies in exchange for baked goods.

September: Use incentives

Offer donors a treat for their donation or hold a raffle drawing.  Nice bottles of wine, paintings, photographs and technology accessories are all great for raffles.

October: Oktoberfest is a perfect opportunity to raise some money

Invite friends and family over for some beers and accept donations at the gathering.  Cornhole is a great addition to the party and another great way to ask for donations.

November: It?s that time of year again, Happy Movember! 

Use the power of the Mo to try to boost fundraising in November.

December: Donations instead of gifts

During the holidays, use this trick:  in lieu of gifts, ask friends and family to donate to a charity of their choice.

Feel free to take these ideas and enhance them to make them your own!  Happy Holidays, Happy Fundraising and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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