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We got this great photo and quick story from Benjamin a few days ago and loved how it went viral within the LIVESTRONG Facebook Community.

Check it out!

“I’m a stage 4 testicular cancer survivor. I have been in remission since 2/11/11. Then and now photo. 6 surgeries later. They told my family 2010 was prob my last Xmas and make sure I had a great one. Going on my third Xmas and Bday since!! 37 years old and feeling great. I get to marry the most beautiful woman in the world May 14,2014!! And I’ve rocked my #LIVESTRONG bracelet the entire time!!” – Benjamin


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Gregory Kulla Great story, only The Lord knows when your last day is! I’m a stg 4 survivor too, Melanoma, 8% chances, 3 relapses, 4 surgeries, 2 courses of Radiation, IL2 biotherapy, Lukine, Interferon, lots of Prayer, 3.5 years Cancer free! Praise The Lord!

Matt Butler Awesome news my friend. I also was stage 4 testicular cancer. Believe I had 5 surgeries and too much chemo to even discuss. Cancer free since Dec 15, 1995 (almost 18 yrs). The best doctors and the right attitude, you will win. Keep up the good work

Gil MG Stage 1 testicular cancer survivor… This year.

Alessia Della Valle Go Benjamin, go! My best Italian wishes for your marriage

Marisa Perkins Keep up that fight Benjamin! Livestrong!

Henrik Gulyas Keep fighting, and WIN! I’m with you.

Felicia Diaz Love you so much my brave and strong son. Live long and prosper. Thank you God.

Maria Brady You are awesome

Mary Ann Rupp Excellent! Livestrong !

Jodi Boyd Gunter My husband is a two-time testicular cancer survivor. He is now battling Parkinson’s Disease but doesn’t let it stop him from cycling, building projects or enjoying our grandchildren! He’s our hero!

Missy Gandy I sure hope you have given thanks to God!!

Pastora Enely Nieves Wow. God is faithful. I am happy for you.

Ron de Heer Keep fighting never give up I had testicular cancer in 1983 still live and kicking

Jessica Colon Mercado My brother is awesome…..I love you Benjamin Colon even though you used your “but I have cancer guilt trip on me” many times

Mary Dorr Oh my…..I am thankful for you most

Roseanne Scalia Kohlhepp Awesome !!

Omar Manresa I am also a testicular cancer survived congrats

Kathy O’Leary Lawhorn That’s the attitude to have, Benjamin. Congrats to you! Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve had cancer in both kidneys and one breast, 10 years apart. I’m thankful you’re still here and so am I.

Tim Wilson way to go, stage 4 testicular survivor, it will be 10 yrs in may.

Monique Leger Epley Rock on, Benjamin!!

Garry Meus Thank you for sharing your story…truly awesome and inspirational! My wife’s going through stage IV metastatic breast cancer right now, and your story is one I truly needed to hear.

Zulma Katz I have been there since day one and one thing I have to say that not for one second did I think that you would not make it thru this. It was rough time but I always knew u would make it. I’m so glad you found the love of ur life and marring her you deserve it, love u guys

* Benjamin Colon Zulma Katz is definitely one Angel anyone going through this needs to have on they’re side!! I don’t know where I would be without her!! Her and everyone at Dr Z’s office and Winter Park Memorials oncology wing!! You are all amazing people and I thank God everyday for being able to go through this with all of you!!!! You are truly all my Angels!!!!

Ismar Zildzic Incredible story. The fight never stops. Keep on going and enjoying every moment. I know the feeling 6/3/2013 survivor.

Tammy DiLiberto Colon Awesome

Judith Lamont Parent-Smith Best wishes!

Gary Walton Never give up man keep fighting!!!

Christopher Colon That’s awesome my brother!! So true. Strongest guy I know. So happy for you

Jumbish Jain Maillot jaune for you Benjamin. Keep fighting. Livestrong.

Katie Buckley Altemose You are why we are nurses  we loved taking care of you!!

Tony Crabtree OOOH! YOU OWNED IT!  Big congrats! Married to a non-hogdkins lymphoma survivor!

Suzie Martinez I’ve always donated to Livestrong! I wore my bracelet for 4 years STRAIGHT!!

Karen Priscella My son is a cancer survivor – love your inspirational story! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see wedding pics!

Phyllis Zieff Cancer survivors, all of us,are the strongest people ever!!!

Melissa Abbott Awesome!! Never give up and never forget!! Congrats on your beautiful bride-to-be

Christopher Engel Keep rockin’ it Benjamin!

Bill Henderson just funished my last treatment today

B Marisa Samilpa Congrats, you are truly blessed!

Brian Barrows Awesome keep fighting and enjoy the rest of your long life!

Glenda Voelmeck Breast cancer survivor. I have two grandsons I didn’t have at diagnosis. Life is good and I’m blessed to be alive. Live strong! And claim all your blessings yet to come.

Toni Geveshausen Stage 4 colon cancer…S U R V I V O R!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you! “They” told me I wouldn’t be around either. HA! God had other plans  Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful wife! Live long and prosper LOL…ya, I’m a geek

Rick Renaud Haven’t had mine off since 6-28-10!

Daryl Anaya I feel bro. Congrats. I’m a stage 2 testicular cancer survivor. I also got married a few months after my surgery. God bless you

Linda Blankenship That is awesome, I wish you many more birthdays and Christmases to celebrate

Tasos Papadopoulos Well, a like is not enough, congrats mate!

Ann Levandoski Bird awesome story…none of us come with expiration dates stamped anywhere on our bodies…i’m convinced livestrong bracelets and what they stand for can scare the cancer right out of anyone!!! I was supposed to pass on 7 years ago…that was the dumbest idea ever…Livestrong, Benjamin and enjoy every good thing that comes your way!!!! xox

Robert Richman Awesome! 4/8/02 for me and every day since has been a blessing.

Kenneth Arnold I’m happy to hear your success with this. I just found out 2 weeks ago I have testicular cancer and I start my first round of chemo tomorrow. Your story is a big help in me fighting through this.

Bridget Villa Woody Reyna Awesome story! You give me hope that my husband with Stage 4 colon cancer will beat it as well! Thanks for sharing and many more blessings to you!

Mary V Wysmierski Congratulations on winning your battle and upcoming marriage. I am a stage 4 colon cancer survivor who has seen 2 more grandchildren. Loving every day

Donald Live RESPECT!!!

Lynn Bechtel Ladd Ben:) We’re still rocking our livestrong bracletes for JB!! Almost 3 years cancer free! You’re an inspiration:)

Amy Tilley Awesome!! My son has been cancer free for about the same amount of time. It’s truly amazing. God bless!

Isabelle Smith-Curtin You keep rockin that bracelet and marry that beautiful girl! God Bless you.

Molly Silva-Gurrola My husband is stage 4 testicular cancer survivor. 9 years now and going strong. His bless you and your fight!

Ann L Eaton Hell yes! Congrats Benjamin! May you have many more years of health!

Perez Tito  God bless you and your family.

Gene Fleeger WTG!!! I rock the yellow in memory of my father.

Angelo Perez F*ck yah! Fight on! Congrats Benjamin. #stillstrong #hope

Danny Sides Congratulations… I’m a Stage 3 Testicular Cancer Survivor. I’m almost 24 years cancer free. Anyone going through a cancer battle has to believe they can beat it. It is my opinion that if you don’t believe it, there is nothing the best doctor in the world can do for you. Stay positive and then pass along your success stories.

Gaurav Udiyavar Praise the Lord. You guys are an inspiration.

Heather Peacock Grousset May God bless you!

Michelle Lawrence ROCK ON!!!!

Rebecca Montez Dabbs Here’s to many, many wonderful celebrations for you and your lovely fiancé. Continue to LiveSTRONG!

Chuck Caspari Right on! Live long, live strong, and prosper! Tongue cancer, licked. Recovery is a bitch.

Eduardo Fdz Congrats!!! Im a Stage 2 testicular cáncer survivor! Hugs!

Phil Reynolds Boom. Bossing it!!

Joao Teixeira Keep on Living Strong. Merry Christmas. (Stage 4 Thyroid here, doing good thank God)

Isabella Miga Lignaquy love U!

Irene OConnell Congrats!! You kicked cancer right in the nuts and you won. Have a long and happy life!!

Dave Slusser Awesome

Ed Perry Merry Christmas. And MANY more

Jerri Zimmerman Wood YAY!!! Way to LiveSTRONG!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Gautham S Gowda Cheeerz mate. Way to go!

Steve Ward Rock on Monster and kick butt!!!!!

Benjamin Colon Thank you all for showing so much love!! You are all inspirations to me and everyone out there fighting this stupid disease!!!!


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