Top 5 Holiday Fundraising Ideas



The holiday season is a great time of year for fundraising.  People are generally in a good mood and the thought of giving or helping others is at the top of their minds.  Also, most charities and non-profit organization are making requests to their donors for year-end donations.

Both of these present a great opportunity to fundraise for your event.  I have scavenged the Internet and picked the brains of my co-workers to create a Top 5 list of Holiday Fundraising Ideas.  Why?  Well, who doesn?t love a top 5 list?  OK, here it goes:

  1. Host a Silent Auction at Your Holiday Event or Christmas Party
    If you have a party planned at your office or with friends, you can add a silent auction. This typically generates a lot of donations.  Reach out to local businesses and other contacts you may have for auction prizes.  Make sure you are very clear as to what the donations are going to.
  2. The Ugly Sweater Party
    Dig out that old sweater your grandma made for you and encourage others to do the same.  Host an Ugly Sweater Party and make sure to have your online donation page set up for guests to donate to or have a dedicated person collecting donations.
  3. Holiday Cookie Fundraiser
    Put your baking skills to the test and make bundles of holiday cookies that you can give out for donations.  This works great in schools and offices.
  4. Be Santa?s Little Helper
    Help your neighbors or friends and family hang decorations in and around their house or offer to shovel snow and salt the driveway for donations to your event account.
  5. No Gifts, Just Donations, Please
    Probably the simplest way to fundraise around the holidays is to forgo gifts from people and instead ask them to make a donation to your account.

Always make sure you are clear about what you?re asking for and what a donor?s money is going towards.  Also, be sure to have several ways someone can donate to you (i.e. webpage, check or paper donation form).  The easier you make it for someone, the more open they will be to donate to you.  Most of all?have fun with it!

Happy holidays! –  Team LIVESTRONG





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