Cancer Hacks – A Survivor’s Perspective


RNI?ve got to tell you?I am really psyched about this new feature that LIVESTRONG is facilitating for the cancer community.  Cancer Hacks have been happening and will continue to happen in living rooms and infusion rooms across the country, but now there is a place where they are collected and shared for widespread use.

When I faced treatment, the best ?hacks,? or advice, came from fellow patients.  I?ll never forget sitting in a waiting room next to a young gal who was clearly well into her treatment.  She looked over at me all wide-eyed and full of fear and asked me if I was ?new.? I explained that I was, in fact, a rookie.  Like the seasoned veteran that she was, she thoughtfully began a detailed account of do?s and don?ts, including port placement.  She was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, even though it was approximately 150 degrees in the middle of a hot Texas summer.  ?Do NOT let them put the port in your arm. It totally gets in the way and you have to constantly keep it covered up; otherwise, it gets tangled in everything.?  So, I made sure to ask for my port to be placed in my chest.  Cancer is uncomfortable enough; you don?t want to be sweaty and hot on top of being nauseous and bald. J

As cancer survivors, we face a lot of the same challenges.  And if we can make it a just little easier for a rookie down the road, well, that?s a nice little gift for us wise veterans. I like to think of it as way to stick it to cancer.  Let?s get hacking!

Check out Renee?s Cancer Hacks and submit your own tips and tricks for getting through the daily challenges of cancer at

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