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Learn about testicular cancer survivor Eric Stout and how LIVESTRONG provided services to help him through his initial diagnosis, treatment and beyond. Want to learn more about our programs and services?  Visit

When I was 28, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. When I started feeling symptoms, I didn?t go to the doctor immediately?the thought that I might have cancer never even crossed my mind.

A lot of guys wait to go to the doctor because they don?t want to ask for help. They don?t want to realize they have a problem. I think it?s critical that young men are taught early in life to advocate for their own health and to understand the risks and concerns that they need to be aware of.



Here is how the LIVESTRONG Foundation helped me become an advocate for my own health:

  1. After I was diagnosed, I sent a Tweet to LIVESTRONG, and within an hour I received a response with a link to the LIVESTRONG Guidebook. I remember opening the book and thinking, ?Wow. They thought of everything.? From how to manage your appointments and medications, to how to tell your friends, family and coworkers, to dealing with your diagnosis in a spiritual way. On top of the Guidebook, the LIVESTRONG website had a ton of resources that I was able to access when I had questions during my treatment.
  1. I was able to utilize the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Services from my initial diagnosis all the way through treatment and beyond. They helped me tackle some of the emotional and practical issues that I was having a hard time with on my own.
  1. For me, it was really important to preserve my fertility?I knew there were potential side effects from the chemotherapy that could leave me infertile. LIVESTRONG Fertility connected me to a sperm bank in my area, which I visited before I started treatment.

In addition to the tools and resources they provided, I think the biggest impact that LIVESTRONG had for me and my family was the sense of community and togetherness the organization provided to us. LIVESTRONG became an attitude for our family to live by.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I needed someone who could help me navigate my cancer journey today. LIVESTRONG helped me live my life the way I wanted to live it.

– Eric Stout

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