Using Your Birthday For More Than Just Cake


You did something great! You registered with Team LIVESTRONG and committed yourself to raising funds for the free support services the Foundation offers cancer survivors.   Like most of our participants, I?m sure you are more concerned about fundraising than participating in the event. Fundraising and event training are very similar and by creating training and fundraising plans, you will set yourself up for success!

A solid fundraising plan starts with creating your fundraising web page, targeting your donor base, developing a communication strategy, plotting milestones and figuring out optimal dates to fundraise.  The holiday season provides plenty of opportunity to fundraise, but take the time to look at a calendar and search for the most favorable dates between now and your fundraising deadline.  If your birthday falls within those dates and you?re ready to dedicate it to something bigger than yourself, then you will be hard-pressed to find a better day to raise funds.


Here are 5 advantages of using your birthday for fundraising:

  1. Fundraising requires a lot of effort on your part to mass communicate to your network.  Your birthday is the one day out of the year when your network will make the effort to contact YOU. Don?t waste this opportunity to thank them for their birthday wishes and ask them to make a donation to your account.
  2. Birthdays are a cause for celebration and a good reason to throw a party.  It?s the type of occasion that friends and family will make an effort to attend. You could host a party at your place and collect funds, or you could host a party at a bar that will donate a percentage of their sales.  While you have them at the door, devise creative ways (contests, tournaments, raffle, etc.) to get your guests to donate.
  3. Do you really need more things that you don?t need? As an alternative to gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation for the amount of the age you will be turning.
  4. Instead of spend money on a lavish dinner, buy a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant and use it as a fundraising incentive or raffle item.  The restaurant may even donate the gift card.
  5. If your workplace takes you out to lunch, have them make a corporate donation to your account and brown bag it for the day.



  1. Rafael E Matos says:

    Celebrated my 50th birthday this year running the US Marine Corps Marathon, inspired by those in my life affected by cancer. It was a great day of celebration thanks to Team LIVESTRONG for giving me the opportunity to make this milestone birthday a celebration of LIFE!!!

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