Sponsor Miles at the Marine Corps Marathon!



On Sunday, October 27, 2013 50 runners from Team LIVESTRONG took to the streets of the nation?s capitol to run the Marine Corps Marathon in support of those affected by cancer now.

Our team, comprised of runners from all over the US and 2 from the UK, have raised over $60,000 for the Foundation!  It?s a close knit group who all have a commonality that will drive them through the finish line?they want to wipe cancer off the face of the Earth.

This common bond and dedication to the cause leads to successful fundraising.  Every one of the runners has met their fundraising requirement for this event.

I hear people all the time talk about how difficult fundraising is or how much they don?t like to ask people for money.  Agreed, it can be tough and if you are not comfortable asking then it?s even harder.  To be a successful fundraiser you (1) have to ask, (2) be creative and (3) ask again.

Here is a great tip for fundraising for a marathon:

Sponsor Miles: You can ask friends, family, co-workers or even a local business to ?Sponsor? your miles.

  • In training for a marathon you will put in a ton of raining miles and you can ask for monthly, weekly or even daily sponsors.  For example, if you are running a 40 mile week ask someone to sponsor you that week with a $40 donation.
  • Long run sponsors can be doubled because those workouts are the hardest.  22 mile long run = $44 donation.
  • You can also ask for single mile sponsors during your actually marathon. 26 miles x $50 for each mile.
  • If you are lucky enough to get a business to sponsor you, you can have their name or logo printed on your training shirts and race day shirt to give them so extra publicity.

The most important aspects of fundraising is to ask and be consistent with your message.  If people see that you are passionate and care about what you are doing they will want to give to you.

A common phrase I hear in the fundraising world all the time is ?People do not give because they are not asked to give?.

Thank you to our team and all the people that have supported these runners over the course of their fundraising and training.  Running may seem like an individual sport, but it is a true team effort.  This team has done an amazing job in supporting the cancer community and the people who need our help.  Thank you!

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