Fundraising Homework


We have noticed that the best fundraisers do their homework.  They take the time to do their research and have a very thorough understanding of the LIVESTRONG Foundation?s work and financials.  If you are going to take the time to ask someone to donate to a cause you believe in, you owe them the time to know your stuff! So in this month?s fundraising newsletter we are going to assign you a couple of homework assignments. But not the kind of homework that you say your dog ate! This is the kind of homework that will make you more educated about the Foundation?s work, and become a better fundraiser.


Where to Start?

We had a great year at the Foundation and accomplished so much in terms of supporting people through their cancer journey.  And guess what??? You can read all about it in the Annual Report!  This document has it all ? A letter from Doug, information on our navigation services, survivor stories, fundraising stories, great videos, financial information and much more!  We encourage you to use quotes, facts and figures, numbers or videos with your potential donors.  By doing this you are showing them you are going the extra mile and are truly invested!

Need More?

Find out who we are.  Learn more about our history and how we came to be a Foundation that has raised over $500 million dollars to support people affected by cancer.  We work with great partners, and we have an amazing board and inspirational stories from people like you!  Having a better understanding of this information will equip you to become a better fundraiser.

I hope you have fun with your homework! Don?t worry ? there won?t be a test, but if you have any questions, we are always here to help. Just let us know!

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