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The Affordable Care Act went into effect on October 1, 2013. Do you have questions about the ACA or how to obtain health coverage through the new system? You?re not alone.

Here?s a recap of the free services and resources LIVESTRONG is providing to help you understand your options under the new law.

What The Health?! RYOT & LIVESTRONG Demystify the Affordable Care Act

LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman joined Founder Bryn Mooser, Young Invincibles? Christina Postolowski and MTV reality star Diem Brown for a live Google+ Hangout on October 2 to discuss what the ACA means for young adults. Check out the video online here for a breakdown of what you need to know about obtaining health coverage during open enrollment and what young people will gain from health care reform. You can also find Doug Ulman?s OpEd piece, What the Health?! What Does the Affordable Care Act Mean for Cancer Survivors and Young Adults? at

New Insurance Under Healthcare Reform: Helping Cancer Survivors to Obtain and Maintain Their Health Coverage

The Patient Advocate Foundation?s Brendan Bietry and LIVESTRONG?s Loyce Pace Bass led a seminar at the LIVESTRONG Headquarters on October 2 to review insurance options for cancer survivors under the Affordable Care Act. Watch the full seminar online to learn about eligibility criteria, the enrollment process, options for those with limited income and more, and check out the resources mentioned in the video, including:

For more information on how we can help you navigate the Affordable Care Act, please visit

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