Penny for your thoughts? How about a donation for a mile of mental dedication?


One of the reasons I enjoy running so much, is the time it provides me to reflect and think. Whether I?m pondering about my day, or thinking about an upcoming life event, running provides me the time to process my thoughts.

During a long run and especially during a race, you have long gaps of time where you need to focus or even be distracted. Consider dedicating a mile to a loved one who has been affected by cancer. Then ask your donors to make a donation in honor or in memory of a loved one, and you?ll dedicate a mile of your race to that individual.

If running a half marathon, ask thirteen donors to make $13.10 donations in tribute of a loved one. Not only will you raise $170.30, but you?ll also have thirteen special individuals to learn more about and reflect on during your run.

On race day you can wear the list of names and the mile they are associated with on a band around your wrist, similar to a pace band. Use the name band to remind you of your dedications and which individuals you?ll be running for per mile on race day.

Running with Team LIVESTRONG is more than just completing an endurance event, it?s about raising awareness for the fight against cancer, and paying tribute to all those who have been affected by the disease.

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