LIVESTRONG gives back to Northern California


This past June we hosted the third Team LIVESTRONG Challenge in Davis, CA.  We know from years of doing these types of events that participants and donors like to see how their fundraising and generous gifts impact the local community.

We partnered with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation (SRCF) to create a fund that would give back a portion of the revenue raised in Davis to local, cancer related non-profit organizations.  With the creation of this fund and the help of the SRCF, over $35,000 was distributed to 4 local organizations that provide cancer support, education or services!

The local groups that received funding were Keaton Raphael Memorial, the African American Prostate Cancer Initiative, the American Cancer Society and Carrie?s TOUCH to support specific initiatives.

We are very thankful to be able to give back to a community that has supported LIVESTRONG for so many years.  Thank you to the SRCF and, certainly, to the participants and donors of this year?s Davis Challenge who made this happen!

About the Foundation: The Sacramento Region Community Foundation is an advocate for quality of life in our community, dedicated to connecting people who care with charitable causes.  An effective steward of the region?s charitable assets since 1983, the Foundation?s mission is to serve as a leader and trusted partner in expanding philanthropy and enhancing its impact in our community.  From charitable funds established by individuals, families, businesses and organizations, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation awards grants and engages in leadership activities to address a wide variety of current and long term community issues. For more information, visit


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