Breaking Out of the Inspiration Rut


The thing about fundraising is you have to feel inspired.  Your donors can tell when your heart isn?t in it. You might know the feeling: the content feels forced, and your ask is  a little lack-luster. Don?t worry. It happens to everyone.

Sometimes it happens late in the year, when you feel like you?ve ?said it all.? Sometimes it happens because you haven?t gotten a donation in 10-14 days and you?ve convinced yourself that things ?have probably stalled out.? Or maybe worse yet, you?ve started to tell yourself that ?you might not be good at fundraising.?

Well stop right there.

INSPIREInspiration can be found all around us. The challenge is slowing down and being willing to notice it. Here are 3 ways to move yourself out of an ?inspiration rut? and onto your next donation.

1. Remember the stories. How was your last training ride or run? What do you remember about last year?s event? Did you meet someone at the food tent who left an impression on you? Did you hear about a friend who had a recent reoccurrence? Leverage your experiences and empower your story-telling self. Write down your memory, as vividly as possible. Tell the story so that others can understand why it moved you. Then think about how you want to translate this information to your donors. This could be a letter writing campaign, an email, or a series of Facebook posts.

2. Use the Internet. We all run out of ideas. We get information fatigue. But when you notice this is happening, use the internet to your advantage. There are great fundraising websites which can help you think creatively and brainstorm new ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:

3. Re-engage with the mission. Take a minute to think about what motivated you to join this cause. How can you re-engage with the mission? Can you take an afternoon to visit their office and talk with the staff? Do they have an upcoming volunteer opportunity that would reconnect you with those benefiting from your fundraising? Have you spent time checking out their blog for news and updates? Sometimes taking a step back and reconnecting is the best way to refuel and dive back in.

At the end of the day, it’s an opportunity to revisit (and get re-inspired!) why you started supporting a solid mission like the LIVESTRONG Foundation’s: helping anyone in their cancer fight, right now. This is a team effort, and we can’t do our mission without your support. So thanks, for all you do,  and let’s get back in the fight!


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