A Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin Story: Christopher


Join Christopher at the LIVESTRONG Austin Challenge ride on Sunday, October 20th in downtown Austin. Choose between 20, 24, 65, and 100 mile ride distances along this fully supported and fun course. The post-event party includes a meal, two beer tickets, live music and vendors. Make sure to keep an eye out for Christopher as he rides the 100 mile course, solo on a tandem bike!

How have you been affected by cancer?
On April 24th, 1997 I lost my father Robert Lee to colon cancer. Just over a year later, while enlisted with the Marines, my brother Allen Lee was diagnosed with testicular cancer. On January 17th, 2011 after an elongated battle, and at the young age of 35, my brother Allen passed away. And I myself am a survivor of Thyroid cancer; I had my surgery on November 15, 2007 and haven’t looked back since.

What?s your experience with Team LIVESTRONG?
I will be participating in the upcoming LIVESTRONG Austin Challenge 100 mile bike ride on Oct 20. I also ran in the Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenges of ’07, ’08 & ’09.

Why did you join Team LIVESTRONG?
After I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and cured, years back, my brother Allen was adamant that we participate together in as many LIVESTRONG Challenges as we could. He wanted to raise community awareness first and foremost. He also loved knowing our fundraising would help give other unfortunate families a fighting chance to “beat cancer.”

Christopher LeeHow else have you participated with the LIVESTRONG Foundation?
I have purchased many LIVESTRONG items to help fund the foundation, I always wear two (one on each wrist) LIVESTRONG wristbands to help raise awareness for the foundation, and I always do what I can to share all the good things this foundation provides.

What?s one piece of advice you would give to someone affected by cancer?
Never let anything, even something as scary as a cancer diagnosis, stop you from living your life. Never let anyone or anything waiver your spirit and soul. As long as you can live life like that, cancer can never beat you.

And finally, what does LIVESTRONG mean to you?

LIVESTRONG is the epitome of never giving up.

Join Christopher and other cancer fighters at the Austin Challenge on Sunday, October 20 in downtown Austin. Register here: http://www.livestrong.org/events/1500/

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