Home Is Where the Fundraising Is


When it comes to fundraising, there is no place like home! We always encourage fundraisers to host events in their local community. It might seem daunting to host an event of any size, but most fundraisers find themselves overwhelmed by the support they receive from their local community. It?s great to think big, but starting small usually yields the most success. Think about the people you know, the businesses you frequent, and the potential new people you can meet and share your story with. The sky is the limit!

Here is quick checklist to get you started hosting an event in your community. This list was developed by one of our Grassroots Fundraisers, Robert. You can customize your event around these guidelines, but these starting points will get you thinking in the right direction:

1) Who is going to help you? Organize a planning committee that can help out with the event.

  • Delegate roles and responsibilities.
  • Robert had a team of four people to help with his event. They helped secure raffle prizes from local businesses, hand out flyers, and spread the word through their social media channels.

2) When and where? Secure a date and location.

  • Think about who you know in your community and who can donate space for an event ? a school, church, restaurant/bar, business, etc.
  • Robert has a passion for craft beer. He contacted his local brew pub and planned a family-friendly event! For $40 people had access to food and samples of beer. One of Robert?s volunteers was even able to get a bouncy castle donated for the kids.

3) Spread the word. Use your local news sources to get the word out?most will donate the space!

  • Ask a local artist to donate their services to design a flyer or poster. Through a coworker, Robert found a graphic designer who agreed to design the flyer at no cost!
  • Contact the local radio station, public TV station, etc.

4) Share your story.

  • You never know who can help you, or who you can help by sharing your story. It might land you a donation or inspire someone in a way that you never would have known possible. At the end of your event you will be amazed at the amount of new friends and stories you have heard through the event planning process!

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