Four Unique Ways to Thank Your Donors


Saying ?thank you? takes only seconds and has a greater return on investment than anything else you can do. Expressing gratitude for donors is a crucial part of the fundraising process which emphasizes the importance of a contributor?s investment.

We say these two words a lot while fundraising. However, I have found that there are four ways to say ?thank you? that will surely leave an impression. No matter what method you decide to use, there are few guidelines to keep in mind when delivering an impactful ?thank you.? And, as always, be genuine in your message, don?t make it too long, and be sure to explain the impact of their gift.

1. Social Media ? Social media is a powerful tool to say ?thank you? on a global scale. While some donors may want to keep their donations anonymous, for others saying ?thank you? on Twitter or Facebook is the equivalent of standing on a podium and making announcement to a crowded room. Social media ?shout outs? not only highlight a donor?s generosity to the world, but also presents another opportunity to start additional conversations about your fundraising efforts, motivating others to contribute.


2. Make a Video ? Create a ?thank you? video for your sponsors. You can keep it simple and personal by recording it on your smart phone and emailing it to them. You could also utilize a higher level of production to make an entertaining video that can be shared repeatedly. Upload the video to YouTube and send the link in your personal message.

3. Wear it On Race Day ? The day of the race, write the names of sponsors on your Team LIVESTRONG shirt. This expresses a public acknowledgement of their support and, in turn, will also keep you motivated throughout the race. Take a picture of the shirt and send it to them with a thoughtful note to show your continued gratitude.


4. Map ? This is a fun way to not only thank your sponsors, but also spice up your workouts! Use your GPS tracking app on your smart phone to map out the perfect ?thank you? message. Turn your city streets into a giant Etch-A-Sketch by dedicating a run/ride to one of your donors. Transforming your routes into a personal message can add more meaning to your workouts and will truly make your donors feel appreciated.

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