An Amazing Paddle Up 4 Cancer


Who would have guessed that I would have enjoyed a trip so remote that I didn?t have cell coverage for six days. Words couldn?t do justice as to how much I enjoyed our white water rafting trip on Green River.

Some of you may know how much I love my town of Sandbridge, VA, but I must confess, upon re-entry to “real life” I found myself saying, ?I think I need to go back to the river.? Tourists walking in the middle of our streets and children shouting Marco Polo at 7 a.m. from every pool agitated me in a way I had not experienced for a long time.


It was then that I realized how truly wonderful the peace and quiet, and beauty that I found in those canyons and on the Green River was. Having a week with wonderful people, enjoying great food, raising money for the LIVESTRONG Foundation, and experiencing nature in such a profound setting changed me. I also realized that being “out of touch” with the rush of everyday life and the constant drone of social media was the huge gift. I came to know each participant in a way that I could never have done through Facebook or Twitter, etc. If you want to truly connect with people, turn off your computer, turn off your TV, power off your cell phone, stop texting and tweeting and take time to sit with someone and REALLY listen to them. Give them the gift of your undivided attention.


Better yet take a trip with a bunch of committed cancer warriors, explore the beauty of nature, and fundraise for LIVESTRONG so you can make a difference in people?s lives.

Cindy Graf
LIVESTRONG Leader and Fundraiser
Virginia Beach, Virginia

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