Top 9 Fundraising Tips From Your Team LIVESTRONG Mentors


The Team LIVESTRONG Mentors are a group of seasoned LIVESTRONG supporters who help fellow participants meet and exceed their fundraising goals by sharing tips and tricks to fundraising success. Check out their Top 9 suggestions!

1) Make a list. Start by writing a note to yourself of why you are participating, why this cause is important to you, and what you hope to achieve. Refer back to it when you feel like your motivation or fundraising has stalled out.

2) A personal email goes a long way. Stay connected with your donors by making communication personal, and then weave in facts about the disease and what LIVESTRONG is doing to help.

3) Share your experience. Are you a survivor or caregiver who has benefited from LIVESTRONG services? Or do you know someone who has? These stories are the best way to show people how their donation makes a difference.

4) The answer won?t always be ?yes?. Don?t let the fear of hearing ?no? prevent you from attacking your fundraising goal. The answer won?t always be ?yes? but you will be amazed at the support you will receive once you start trying.

5) It takes time. Fundraising is a process. You may not hit your fundraising goal after your first email, or overnight, but through your fundraising experience you will be raising awareness for LIVESTRONG. Don?t get discouraged!

6) Think outside the box. Fundraising is different everywhere. What works for one person may not work for others because of audience pool or location. Be creative and continue to try new things.

7) Give everyone the opportunity to give.
Create Facebook campaigns which engage donors to give daily, weekly, or monthly with more approachable amounts like $5, $10, or $20.

8) Engage businesses. There are many local businesses who welcome the opportunity to give back. Ask your favorite eateries, your dry cleaner, or your groomer what their policy is for donating a portion of proceeds to charity.

9) Keep the change. Engage EVERYONE you know by collecting loose change. It provides a really low bar way for coworkers, kids, and even your neighbors to contribute to your fundraising.



  1. Danisa says:

    These are great tips and the first one is the most important of all. There will be times when you ask yourself why you are doing it and you need to remind yourself why you started doing it in the first place. Motivation and performance is key.

    – Danisa,

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