LIVESTRONG Helps You Navigate the Health Care System


Cancer affects all parts of your life. Not just the physical, but the emotional and the practical side as well. When you are first diagnosed, it is difficult to find all the resources available to assist you. For example, one might not know where to look for information on how to access federal and state benefit programs such as Social Security Disability Income, and County Indignant Health Care. Part of the assistance we offer through our LIVESTRONG Navigation Services is helping people with those difficult issues surrounding insurance claim denials, access to care, and help finding benefit programs that are just right for you.

After being diagnosed with severe liver cancer, John came to the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center for help. Because his cancer was very complex, he required a special procedure which involved transmitting high doses of radiation to his tumor. However, John was uninsured, had no income, and was relying on his family for support. He was in the process of applying for County Indignant Health Care, but was having a hard time completing the long application process. When he arrived at LIVESTRONG, a navigator was immediately assigned to his case and quickly initiated contact with the local Social Security Administration office. John was originally denied for disability benefits, but our navigator was able to fast-track the processing for his case. He soon became approved for his County Indignant Health Care. Within two weeks of walking through our doors, John was able to receive his first SSI check, was approved for Medicaid and scheduled to consult his doctor on his special procedure. He also received free rides to appointments through our Transportation Program. John?s sister was present throughout the experience and the two were very appreciative. She stated that this whole experience has brought the before distant family back together in a positive way. John was very grateful for the support, ?Your program is a life saver to me. Please never stop healing and you?re all incredible?.

John?s story is just one example of how our navigators are ready to help you find the benefits you need. To anyone facing similar challenges, the LIVESTRONG Foundation is here for you just as we are here for John. We have expert staff who know how to shake the trees, make the phone calls, and submit the paperwork work to get claim denials overturned and the benefits you need. We will do the same for you. Call 1-855-220-7777 or go online to request assistance.

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