A LIVESTRONG Leader Story: Jesi


LIVESTRONG Leaders are individuals that make a yearly significant commitment to those in their community affected by cancer by spreading the message of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. They do this by fundraising, hosting events, bringing LIVESTRONG Foundation resources to their local hospitals and more. One of our amazing leaders from Michigan, Jesi Parker, talks about why she is involved with LIVESTRONG and what she is doing in her community to help spread the LIVESTRONG Foundation message.

What Does LIVESTRONG Mean to You?
LIVESTRONG means choosing hope instead of fear. LIVESTRONG is not only a personal mantra, but a community of support. LIVESTRONG has never been about going through the motions. Instead, LIVESTRONG focuses on maximizing each opportunity.

Why are you a LIVESTRONG Leader?
I am a LIVESTRONG Leader because every single day this organization improves the lives of others. I am a leader because now, more than ever, LIVESTRONG is about fighting the good fight.

What are you doing in your community?

Working on a college campus gives me the opportunity to have real conversations with young adults about cancer. I am lucky to work with passionate young adults to create a student organization supporting LIVESTRONG. My students actually encouraged me to establish an online art shop where I donate 20 percent of all proceeds to LIVESTRONG. LIVESTRONG has opened my eyes to creative ways to raise funds and awareness. My goal as a leader is to inspire others to utilize their talents to make a difference.


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