2012 Annual Report and 990 Forms Now Available


Today, we are proud to release our 2012 annual report. This report is a great way to view all the many ways we service our mission ? to serve cancer patients and survivors today. We achieve this mission by striving to fundamentally change the expectations and experience of people living with cancer. As an organization, we don?t believe in doing things the way they?ve always been done. We cannot solve today?s problems with yesterday?s solutions. As a result, we try to be more innovative; to do things a little differently. When it comes to serving our mission, we approach this from more than one angle: we develop and deploy programs that provide direct service to those who need it while advocating at the global, federal and state levels for legislation that will improve the lives of cancer survivors. We invite you to read our Annual Report here.

Recently, the Foundation also filed its annual tax return, Form 990, with the Internal Revenue Service. We view this annual tax filing as a two-pronged opportunity to share important information with our constituents and supporters:

1. We fulfill an important compliance obligation required by all nonprofits.
2. We have an opportunity to provide fully transparent information about the Foundation?s

We take both of these opportunities seriously and we believe a public charity has a responsibility to conduct its business in an open and fully transparent manner, and we openly share our tax filings with the public and our engaged group of supporters. We invite you to review our tax filing here.

We pride ourselves on transparency and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our funding for LIVESTRONG programs and services. We appreciate all of your support and we look forward to serving even more people going forward. They need our help and are counting on us. We won?t let them down.


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