LIVESTRONG Challenge Inspiration


30 days out from the Philly Challenge, we are busy here at the Foundation with the last minute preparations and planning for what is shaping up to be an amazing event. Amidst the swirling to-do?s and logistics, I was stilled this week as I read the story of Alex Hohmann, survivor and six-time Philly participant, as he reminded me what this event was all about and why I am so looking forward to August 17 and 18.

My favorite part of the Challenge, similar to so many others who have participated before, is seeing survivors cross the finish line and get their yellow rose. This tradition reminds us why we joined with LIVESTRONG in the fight against cancer in the first place, and that the fundraising, training, planning, and hard work is all for this moment. When these survivors grab their rose and hoist it over their heads, we all are reminded that this disease doesn?t win. While it has taken and hurt ones that we love, it doesn?t win because the strength of the human spirit is too strong.


You can see that strength in those survivors who cross that finish line, as their athletic accomplishment symbolizes the much harder journey that they have faced. You see the determination in those who are pushing through to the finish in memory and in honor of the ones that have fought and who are still fighting, because they aren?t going to give up hope. And you can see that hope on everyone?s face as we work together for that day when all of our ?In Memory? cards will be replaced by yellow roses. Until then, we continue to celebrate hope and strength and the survivors, like Alex, who pass it on.

Read Alex Hohmann’s amazing story here.

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