Stay Cool With LIVESTRONG Gear


Anyone notice it’s hot outside? Of course you did, but it doesn’t mean you runners hide indoors for three months out of the year (make that six months in Texas). Stay cool, hydrated, protected from the sun and fashionably supporting the Foundation during your outdoor activities with these picks from our online store.

The Nike LIVESTRONG Miler Print Running Singlet comes in black and yellow and is made loose and lightweight for a comfortable workout. Dri-FIT fabric wicks away sweat and helps keep you dry and comfortable.


Golf anyone? Even if you are hitting the links in the early morning, you still want to protect yourself from those rays and stay hydrated. Wear the LIVESTRONG Solar Arm Sleeve (sold by the pair) designed to protect exposed skin from harmful rays. And keep this LIVESTRONG Lightweight Hand-Held Water Bottle full of H2O between beverage cart stops. There’s even a zipper pocket to hold that all important mulligan cash.

sunsleeve and water

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